Is a Press Box Seat Needed?


    Please Note:
    Credentials will not be accepted two weeks before each event. No exceptions!
    Press Box seating, if available at the arena, is limited. If required, a grandstand seat can be assigned.
    These passes do not guarantee access to the infield or floor area around the speedway.
    All Photographers/Videographers will be required to wear a vest that is visible at all times.
    It would also be appreciated if you e-mail us five to six “special” photos from your visit to our event; preferably “crowd”, “candid” or “unique action” shots that can be used in our future promotional material. Please send those photos to
    No tables or ladders are allowed in the infield or concourse at any time.
    Confrontations between Photographers/Videographers and the Thunder on the Hill Racing Series staff will not be tolerated at any time and can result in revocation of the Pass.