This Week Ahead: Cozze Discusses Grandview Speedway (DIRTCAR PR)

cozzeBy Mandee Pauch

WEEDSPORT, N.Y. – July 10, 2016 – Syracuse winner and Dirt Hall of Famer, Frank Cozze, from Wind Gap, Pa., is ready to show the Super DIRTcar boys how to get around his home track, Grandview Speedway. Cozze, the driver of the No. 35 Adirondack Auto Big-Block Modified is looking forward to this upcoming week.

As Cozze looks for his first Super DIRTcar Series win of the year he tells us what he thinks about going to Grandview Speedway this week.

Grandview has been your weekly home track for four years and you have two wins under your belt so far this year. How is the competition there?

“The competition is stout but it’s not just the competition there that makes it hard. The track surface and structure itself is what I think that makes the competition there hard. The track is pretty narrow and fast and everyone is so even there that the track itself promotes such tight, close racing.”

You run small blocks there weekly, do you think the track will be any different running a Big Block?

“The Rogers (owners) are very smart people there when it comes to track prep. They like to see an even top and bottom and they work really hard at it. They understand the racetrack better than a lot of people and can dictate exactly what they want. I don’t think the track will be much different. They like good racing there so they will know what they will need to do.”

A normal feature on a Saturday night at Grandview is 30 laps. The ‘Traffic Jam’ at Grandview will be 60 laps. Do you think the track will change a lot during the feature?

“As a matter of fact, the track has been changing this year. It’s been doing some different stuff than normal. Guys like Jeff Strunk and Craig Von Dohren, they have lived their whole life there. They are the ones that can tell when the track is going in a different direction. Sometimes I don’t catch it in time. I think these guys on the series are good at reading these tracks because they see so many different tracks throughout the year. I’ve gotten better at catching when the track starts to change at Grandview. But, I believe you’re going to see a couple different racetracks all in one night.”

You’ll be racing a completely different car than your usual Saturday night car. Do you think your set up will be any different?

“We’ve actually been basing our setups off of both cars. What I’ve been trying to do is the same set up to both the series car and the Saturday night car. The exact same set up that I run on the series is what I won with in the car at Grandview the other week.”