Abbottstown, PA June 14, 2017 . . .”This 27 car was on fire tonight”, commented feature winner Thomas “T-Mez” Meseraull in the Lincoln Speedway victory lane Wednesday night. This was the second race of the 2017 Amsoil USAC Non-Wing Eastern Storm and “T-Mez” out-classed the twenty-eight car field. “Special thanks to Gene Franckowiak, Sean Michael and the entire Heffner team for this great car tonight and it’s exciting to win here in Pennsylvania”, said a joyful Meseraull who made the trip from his hometown of San Jose, California. In the 20 lap 358 Sprint feature, Brie Hershey took the win leading wire-to-wire over a challenging Adrian Shaffer.

The USAC Amsoil non-wing sprints saw Justin Grant set fast time, stopping the clock with a time of 15.847. Shane Golobic, Chris Windom and Aaron Farney were heat race winners as Robert Ballou took the win the B Main.

At the start of the feature, Jarett Andretti set the pace for the first five circuits but all eyes were on Thomas “T-Mez” Meseraull. By lap seven, “T-Mez” was the new leader. A caution on lap eight brought the field together for the final time, as the race go non-stop to the checker flag.

On the restart, “T-Mez” ran to hide from the rest of the field, leaving Andretti and Chad Boespflug to battle for second. By the halfway mark, “T’Mez” had check out with Andretti and Boespflug still in a battle for second followed by Kevin Thomas Jr and Chris Windom.

“T-Mez” was just awesome threading his way through lapped traffic. The battle for second continued but now Kevin Thomas was racing in third by lap seventeen.

Thomas pulled a few slide-jobs on Andretti but with each attempt, Andretti held on to the runner-up spot.

With the checker flag waiving, T-Mez was all alone to collect the $6,000 first place prize money in the 30 lap feature. Andretti finished second followed by Kevin Thomas Jr., Chad Boespflug and Chris Windom.

A field of twenty-eight 358 Sprints competed in heat race qualifying events with victories going to Phil Walter, Adrian Shaffer and Doug Hammaker as Todd Rittenhouse took the win in the B Main.

In the twenty lap 358 Sprint feature Brie Hersey immediately took the lead from her front row starting position. Hershey immediately had to deal with a challenging Adrian Shaffer with Ashley Cappetta making up the top three. Phil Walter was working his way to the front racing in third by lap five.

Hershey ran a flawless race shaking off a determined Shaffer with each lap. At halfway the top five remained unchanged with countless shuffling for positions taking place in the middle of the field. Shaffer again began to reel in the leader but Hershey was not about to hand over the lead. Meanwhile, Phil Walter was closing in on the leaders and now Brent Shearer was in the hunt.

Through the closing laps, Hershey ran a flawless race to earn the $1,000 first place prize followed by Adrian Shaffer, Phil Walter, Brent Shearer and Ashley Cappetta.

USAC FEATURE $6,000 TO WIN FINISH: Thomas Meseraull, Jarett Andretti, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Chad Boespflug, Chris Windom, Tyler Courtney, Shane Golobic, CJ Leary, Kyle Robbins, Jerry Coons Jr, Alex Bright, Chase Stockon, Robert Ballou, Brady Bacon, Kyle Moody, Aaron Farney, Issac Chapple, Carmen Perigo, Dave Darland, Justin Grant, Dustin Smith, Danny Dietrich.
Fast Time: Justin Grant 15.874
USAC Heat Winners Shane Golobic, Chris Windom, Aaron Farney, B Main Winner -Robert Ballou

358 SPRINT FEATURE FINISH: Brie Hershey, Adrian Shaffer, Phil Walter, Brent Shearer, Ashely Cappetta, Doug Hammaker, Tyler Ross, Kyle Denmyer, Ryan Higgins, Todd Rittenhouse Jr., Dalton Dietrich, Landon Myers, Matt Findley, Zack Eucalano, Cody Fletcher, Steve Wilbur, T.J. DeHaven, Zack Allman, Jeff Halligan, Trey Hivner, Jordan Givler, Mike Bittinger, Troy Wagaman Jr., Ryan Quackenbush.
Heat Winners: Phil Walter, Adrian Shaffer, Doug Hammaker, B Main Winner – Todd Rittenhouse Jr.